AC Unit Covers: Should You Use One?

Brace yourselves because this week’s forecast is calling for high temperatures and thunderstorms in our area. For those of you who are pining for a little more summer weather, these temperatures may be ideal, but for the rest of us Northern Virginia natives, we know that rain and heat combine to make an awful combination – humidity.

Humidity plagues the East Coast. It’s the reason my shirt sticks to me when I walk outside. It’s also the reason that makes air conditioning such a glorious invention. Nothing comes close to the feeling of walking into a cool home after a hot day outside. But what about when it’s raining and storming? Is your AC unit safe?

AC maintenance is necessary to keep your air conditioning unit functioning properly. And although proper air conditioner installation can typically ward off damage during heavy rain storms, the heat and moisture can create mold and mildew if maintenance is not performed. This is especially true if you have had a cover on your AC unit during the off-season. If moisture was trapped inside the unit while a cover was over it, it is likely that buildup of mildew has occurred. Dirt and dust can also be damaging to your AC unit and having an HVAC technician come to your home to clean the unit could save you money in repairs and replacements and also save you from a 100 degree home.

If you have ever had a cover over your AC unit, have a lot of dust and dirt around your home, or have never had AC maintenance performed, now is the time to take care of business! Call our friend’s and Northern Virginia’s own Climatic Heating and Cooling today!