Air Quality linked to Mold, Foundation Waterproofing the Solution

Is allergy season hanging on longer than expected this spring and summer? It could be the air quality in your home. According to an informational series presented by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, mold and mildew cause negative air quality, stench, and eventual destruction of material in your home. Here in Northern Virginia, the heavy snows this winter and early summer storms put mildew-inducing standing water at the base of your home’s foundation, and possibly puddles and dampness in your basement. It is important to regularly check possibly damp areas, such as basements and crawlspaces for growths. Mildew spores can become dangerous mold colonies in as little as 24 hours according to FEMA, and there is possibility of damage after melting snows, rainstorms, or prolonged exposure to standing water. If mold is present in your home, it is important to call a licensed, experienced foundation and basement waterproofing expert to eliminate the colonies through foundation waterproofing and foundation repair.

Mold can find multiple ways into your basement and crawlspaces, most often through cracks or gaps in your foundation. Foundation repair alleviates the danger of a damaged foundation, and waterproofing your home effectively sometimes requires exposing the existing wall through excavation. A simple looking crack could be devastating to your home, and a free analysis from a professional foundation repair service could save thousands in the long run.

Professional waterproofing companies serving Manassas, Woodbridge, Great Falls, and the rest of the Northern Virginia area offer a variety of foundation waterproofing and foundation repair services to eradicate the threat of mold in your home that a DIY-er just doesn’t have the equipment or knowledge to complete. The foundation repair steps of excavation, replacing, applying a sealant, and installing a drainage system are necessary to insuring your basement and foundation are secure and safe. Companies like NV Waterproofing know how to keep the problem from ever reoccurring, through extensive foundation repair and foundation waterproofing experience in the Great Falls, Manassas, Woodbridge, and Northern Virginia area. NV Waterproofing has worked with both production and custom home builders for just under 30 years, and can customize solutions to keep your home mold free.