Are You Getting the Heat You’re Paying For?

Your electric bill is sure to spike this winter. That’s obvious and unwelcoming news that homeowners deal with every single year. Unfortunately, there are few ways to avoid this inevitable truth, but there are certainly steps that homeowners can take to cut down on heating bills. Our friends over at Climatic Heating and Cooling have written several blogs on that topic in the past and this post will be another great addition to the list.

Duct Cleaning Services in Northern Virginia

Associating duct cleaning services with a smaller electrical bill may not make sense to a lot of people, but it has a huge impact on your bill. Your home’s duct system is the method in which your home receives its heating and air conditioning. With that being said, there could be several issues with your system that greatly impact your electric bill.

Duct Cleaning: Obstructions

One of the first things to do is make sure they are no obstructions in your duct system. An obvious solution that will generate a steady airflow and heat your home properly. But while there may be internal obstructions within the duct system, be sure, as a homeowner, that your vents are open and have enough room to breathe.

Duct System Cracks and Holes

One of the biggest problems homeowners have but don’t know about, is that their duct system may not be properly sealed by the folks who built the home. If your duct system is not properly sealed around the joints and braces, the heated air that you are paying for escapes into the attic and eventually outside. In turn your home isn’t as warm as you would like and you continue to turn the heat up in the home. Your HVAC system will be doing twice the work for a poor outcome and your heating bill will be enormous.

Climatic, [email protected]’s recommended HVAC company in Northern Virginia, thoroughly inspects a home’s duct work to ensure that their customers are getting what they paid for and what they deserve. You shouldn’t be paying more for less!

Call Climatic today so they can perform and inspection and seal your duct system.

We want you to have a warm, comfortable winter without breaking the bank.