Finding the perfect home builder in Northern Virginia can be a daunting task. There are plenty to choose from, but in the end, you may want something unique that stands out from the crowd, something that fits your personality and preferences – something custom.

Custom Home Builders in Northern Virginia

A custom built home is a clean slate. It is an opportunity to personalize each and every detail of the home to your exact specifications. Each room can be designed to meet the needs of your family’s day to day activity allowing you to maximize efficiency and create a space that truly feels like home.

At [email protected], we recommend one of the finest custom home builders in Northern Virginia: Fairhaven Homes. What makes Fairhaven Homes so special is their attention to detail. Only taking on about one or two homes a year, they put all of their efforts into making the perfect homes for the few but lucky families.

Kitchen Remodeling Companies in Northern Virginia

When it comes to home building projects, one of the most widely transformed rooms in the home is the kitchen. Kitchen remodeling projects can entail a complete overhaul from the previous version, or could just involve a few small updates such as kitchen cabinet installation, cabinet refacing, or updating the flooring.

Whatever your kitchen remodeling needs, [email protected] recommends two kitchen renovation companies in Northern Virginia: Signature Kitchens and WaterStone Kitchen and Bath.

Signature Kitchens has a fantastic kitchen showroom in Haymarket, Virginia.

Basement Waterproofing Companies in Northern Virginia

One of the worst things that can happen to a home is having the basement flood. If you are in a home with a basement that has never been waterproofed, you are only one bad storm away from experiencing serious damage to your home, which results in a financial burden for you and your family.

For basement waterproofing services in Northern Virginia, we recommend NV Waterproofing.

Contact one of the fantastic companies listed above for your home building projects. They provide great service and great products to our Northern Virginia natives.