Cabinet Refacing on a Budget

This summer is already a very busy time for me and it hasn’t even really started yet. I have five weddings to attend and I have no idea how many more to come in the fall. The age of the engaged couples is fairly young and it is likely that they will be either renting a place to live or buying a small starter home. Buying a home is daunting task and chances are that the home will require a little TLC. Nothing is guaranteed to be in top shape, so it’s time for them to roll up their sleeves and get to work.

While potential DIY projects may abound in their new homes, there are some projects that are simply too large to undertake, or projects that require a certain set of skills that they do not have. Kitchen remodeling is one of those projects. As a newly married couple with a shoestring budget, it’s likely that no major renovations will be taking place. However, kitchen cabinet refacing can be an affordable alternative to cabinet installation. And it only takes about three days as opposed to weeks or months that a typical cabinet installation would take.

Kitchen cabinet refacing, or ReCrafting as Signature WoodCrafters call it, is a process that replaces all of the visible elements of a home’s cabinets with new pieces. That means only the frame is left untouched. Most companies will reface cabinets with vinyl tape that resembles wood, but Signature WoodCrafters uses solid wood that is custom made in their own facilities. By keeping the entire cabinet refacing project under one roof, so to say, you are always dealing with one company only which eliminates the back-and-forth that home renovation can often bring.

The custom look will give your new home a high-end look with a much smaller budge than a complete cabinet installation requires. Owning a home at such a young age requires a little innovation and some research. Come check out Signature WoodCrafter’s showroom and see what they are all about!