Going Green: Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Keeping up with the latest kitchen design trends can be a fun process. New designs are constantly emerging and everything from the economy and location of your home can impact the overall style of a newly built home.

One of the hottest topics for the last several years is “going green.” We hear about it from every company under the sun as businesses shift towards environmentally-friendly products and manufacturing processes.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas for “Going Green”

A trend that continues to gain more steam is incorporating renewable or recyclable products into home building, according to zillow.com. Homeowners are now requesting flooring materials that are environmentally-friendly. The most common solution to that request is bamboo. Since bamboo is considered grass and grows rapidly, it is also considered a renewable option for flooring, and a kitchen renovation idea worth remembering.

Going Green with Cabinet Installation

Gone are the days of lugging armfuls of plastic bottles and cans out to the green recycle bin in your garage. With a society that is more sensitive to recycling and reusing than ever before, homeowners are finding new ways to incorporate the process into their homes through cabinet installation. Separate receptacles for recycling are now hiding underneath kitchen islands and unassuming cabinets. Often found next to the trash can inside the cabinets, recycling bins are conveniently located and at the top of your mind while you dispose of waste.

Courtesy Flickr user erin lanigan

Incorporating the going green process into your kitchen renovation ideas can be a great benefit to the environment and your home. For all of your home’s cabinet installation and kitchen renovation needs, [email protected] recommends Signature Kitchens in Haymarket, Virginia.