Hardscape Design – A Poolside Project

That 80 degree weather that Northern Virginia experienced about a month ago is back with vengeance. The humidity reminds me to be thankful for air conditioning and the thunderstorms in the forecast will only make the humidity worse. Being outdoors during the summer months can at times be unbearable. Shade trees and covered porches can only do so much, but the ultimate way to cool down is, of course, a pool.

If you currently have an in-ground pool, then you probably know the damage it can do to your yard. Not the pool itself, but the constant in-and-out of the pool can turn your yard into a muddy mess. The high-traffic areas to, from, and around the pool are typically an eyesore. And the muddy footprints all over the house?….It’s time to call a professional landscaper.

Hardscape design is absolutely necessary to maintain a healthy appearance of your property if your pool is causing a mess. Professional landscapers can use hardscape design to surround the perimeter of your pool. Hardscape, for those unfamiliar with the term, is often used in the form of walkways or patios and commonly uses stone or brick as it’s foundation. This not only makes for an aesthetically pleasing alternative to… mud, but it also provides a safe entrance and exit to the pool itself. Children are constantly running around pools (although they shouldn’t be), but are less likely to slip and fall when a stable walkway is present, and that’s exactly what hardscape design can do.

Since the shapes of pools are often irregular, I recommend having a professional landscaper lay the brick or stone for your poolside project. This will ensure the overall design and integrity of the hardscape area. The only thing you will have to worry about is where to set up your pool chairs!

Call Main Street Landscape for your hardscape design needs! You deserve it!

Professional Landscaper Hardscape Design