Indoor Trampoline Parks: Keep the Kids Active, Even in Bad Weather!

Parents- school is over and the kids are at home. We want to keep our kids active, and summer is the perfect time for outdoor activities… weather permitting. The fact is that as temperature and humidity reach an all time high, extreme thunderstorms and extreme heat become all the more likely. On the days when the weather decides to be less than kind, Rebounderz offers an active indoor alternative (that’s tons of fun.)

Thunderstorms and rain are no longer a downer, but an excuse to get INSIDE and get active. The indoor trampoline arena opens the door to all new aerial maneuvers that can’t be executed on a backyard trampoline, and slam-dunk contests are a must (yes, there are hoops.) This is a great activity that the whole family can participate in, rain or shine. With locations in both Sterling and Manassas, these family fun arenas are convenient to get to. Did we mention that they’re a great option for birthday parties for kids of all ages?

It seems like just yesterday summer began; as we approach the dog days, it has become more important to find an indoor alternative to beat the heat in these hot summer months. Northern Virginia parents and kids are able to enjoy the indoor trampoline facility while feeling safe, and most importantly cool. Bounce off the walls and stay dry at the same time!