It’s Wet Basement Season, Don’t Be Caught Unaware

Ah, summer. Time for family barbeques, relaxing by the pool, and…basement waterproofing? Though summer is typically recognized as the time of year people pack up and hit the road, it also happens to be the height of summer flood season. Nothing like coming back after a nice family vacation to find that your home has suffered a large amount of basement water damage! But just what makes the summer season so much more of a risk for water damage?

Wet basements originate from one of two primary sources, ground water or humidity. The summer season amplifies both sources; the ground may be much more moist as a result of intense summer precipitation (although this depends on your local climate)and the high humidity of the season can cause condensation and water vapor that will drip down from pipes and foundation walls as the warm air collides with the cooler surfaces. This creates a number of issues that range from that infamous musty “basement smell” to potential health hazards such as mold.  In the case of mold it is wise to be extra vigilant; in something known as the “stack effect”, warm air will rise in a house from the basement to the upper floors, pass through the attic and then to the exterior. A wet basement can affect not only the air quality of the lower floor, but that of your entire home. Fortunately, wet basement issues surrounding condensation can be fixed much easier than structural concerns, sometimes as easy as removing excess “stuff” from your basement in order to promote proper air circulation. Getting rid of some of that extra junk, especially along walls, can help open air passages to improve ventilation.  Another simple solution is to install a dehumidifier to help lessen the humidity and levels of moisture in your basement.

If humidity is not the cause of your wet basement, you may be suffering from a more serious structural issue. A good way to begin your wet basement repair is to start by getting the water and moisture away from the exterior foundation walls. This goal can be achieved through a number of means, from installing a proper yard drainage system to creating a downspout drainage system that helps prevent the oversaturation of the ground close to exterior walls. Re-grading is often viewed as a critical step in your wet basement repair as the ground around the entire home should be sloped away from the exterior walls in order for water to flow away from the foundation. The next step would now be to perform some level of maintenance and crack repair to foundation walls in order to prevent any water from leaking.

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