Keeping Deer Out of the Garden

If you love spending time in your garden or simply enjoy admiring the professional landscaping around your home, chances are you were thrilled with the amazing spring weather we experienced in Northern Virginia. The flowers and plants bloomed beautifully and hopefully those bright colors filled your yard and continue to do so. But for some, their love of gardening and landscape design is tread upon by culprits that love it all just as much, if not more than you – deer.

Deer are notorious for eating plants and shrubbery throughout homes in rural Virginia. Some of the most alluring items on the menu are hostas, daylilies and azaleas. Though these are only a few select items that deer prefer, if they are hungry enough, they will eat anything around putting your garden and professional landscaping at risk.

If deer are known to cause problems in your location, keep in mind that they tend to avoid plants with fuzzy leaves and aromatic plants such as lamb’s ear, snapdragons, lantanas and spireas – all beautiful alternatives to plants that deer often eat.

How can Main Street Landscape help? By working with the homeowners, they can design a professional landscape with deer in mind and use plants that they typically avoid. Without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of a beautiful garden, your landscape will pop with plenty of color while warding off unwanted deer at the same time. If there are plants that you simply must have, but are also appetizing to deer, Main Street may be able to find the perfect location for some of your plants. Deer often travel in patterns and finding the ideal location for your plants may be all it takes to avoid the heartbreak of having a deer destroy them.

Call Main Street Landscape today and avoid the headaches of dealing with deer in your garden!