Local Kitchen Showrooms: A Look at Signature Kitchens

This week, I took some time out of my day to tour the absolutely beautiful Signature Kitchens showroom conveniently located in Haymarket, Virginia. The front of the building looks just like a small home, but upon entry, the walls seem to expand as the showroom opens up, full of fantastic kitchens and exquisitely-crafted cabinetry.

The kitchen showroom provides an amazing experience full of breathtaking kitchens, but it also proves educational as guests see firsthand the process behind their legendary kitchen cabinet refacing, or “recrafting” process.

What makes the kitchen cabinet refacing process so incredible is the ability to completely transform the entire physical appearance of the existing cabinetry without a complete overhaul of the cabinet frames and installation process. It may sound like a complete kitchen remodeling project, but the recrafting process can be done in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.

The selection of new cabinet and drawer faces is vast and the entire collection is as stunning as the piece before it. There were so many great samples to choose from, and some of my favorite pieces were even found in photos of their completed projects proudly hanging on the showroom walls.

Most of all, the showroom felt intimate. It wasn’t a large, impersonal business that didn’t care, it was personal and catered exactly to what each guest wanted. I felt like I was standing in someone’s home when I was there, and that is the perfect way to envision your new kitchen.

Stop by the showroom sometime and see for yourself. Haymarket is a beautiful town and truly adds to the whole experience. (The diner across the street is amazing, as well!)

The Signature Kitchens showroom is located at 6612 James Madison Highway, Haymarket, Virginia 20169.

Completed Project by Signature Kitchens