New Windows and Doors Boost Curb Appeal & Make You Money

by Chuck LaRock, Sr. Real Estate Professional at Exit Realty Talbot and Company

Did you know that nearly 1/3 of the energy used to heat or cool the typical American home escapes silently through windows and doors? Replacing drafty old models with energy-efficient window designs is one project that pays off right away, and the savings are printed in black and white on a homeowner’s utility bills.

6 Great Reasons to Replace Older Doors and Windows

  1. Superior Curb Appeal: Renovating with good-looking classic or modern styles can add architectural distinction or personality.
  2. More Comfortable: New technologies reduce air flow between the interior and exterior which helps to maintain a more consistent temperature inside your home.
  3. Lower Maintenance: Durable designs and modern materials minimize upkeep and may be covered by manufacturer warranties for many years.
  4. Safe and Secure: Some models offer multiple-point locking systems and have been designed to resist forced entry.
  5. Peace and Quiet: High performance windows can stifle some traffic sounds, commercial clatter or other types of noise from outside.
  6. Higher Resale Value: All of these benefits may also appeal to potential buyers, so a significant portion of the cost could be recovered when the property is sold.

The front of your home is what neighbors, guests and buyers see first. Installing a new steel entry door or roll-up garage door is a relatively quick and easy project that can have a dramatic impact on the look of your home’s exterior.

Moderately priced window and door replacement projects produced some of the highest returns for home improvement investments in 2010.