Remember Garden Windows? They’re Back!

As the price of groceries, especially organic produce, continues to climb, people are beginning to test just how green their thumbs are by exploring home gardening options. One of the issues, however, is that due to the current economy, the average size of homes being built has decreased, and families and individuals find themselves relocating to homes that are smaller in size. A smaller house means little or no yard, and certainly not enough room for a garden.

Enter the Return of Garden Windows.

Garden windows provide an efficient way to bring your garden indoors. Whether you are planting flowers, spices, or even small produce, garden windows create the perfect environment for plants to thrive.

The ease of installation is also a plus, as each window is custom-made to replace the window that receives the most sunlight in your home; typically the window above the kitchen sink. The greenhouse window can fit securely in your existing window frame or can even be built out to provide even more room for your home garden.

No more time spent outdoors sweating and digging up dirt in the hot summer sun. The time and effort it takes to till the ground, plant the seeds, and find a way to keep the hungry critters out is altogether a massive headache. The convenience of having a garden in your home holds endless benefits.

There are several companies in Northern Virginia that provide home garden window installation, but our preferred pick is Vinyl Lite Window Factory. Their business has been installing windows throughout the Washington, DC metro area for over 60 years. Trusted, tried and true, Vinyl Lite is [email protected]’s pick for the latest in home garden design and window installation.