Kitchen ReCrafting – What Is It and Who Does It?

This week, we are showcasing one of our featured companies, Signature WoodCrafters, as we focus on the kitchen recrafting process that they have made famous throughout the Washington metro area.

For those unfamiliar with the term, Kitchen ReCrafting is a practice used to completely change the look of your cabinets without the expense and inconvenience of a major remodeling job. After Signature WoodCrafter’s contractors remove your old cabinet doors and drawer-fronts, they replace them with 100% solid hardwood in your choice of style, wood type, color and finish – all custom-built to your exact specifications.

Unlike conventional cabinet refacing, their cabinet frames are covered with matching ¼’ solid hardwood with a classic beaded edge, projecting a clean, upscale look for your whole kitchen. You’re left with beautiful, custom-made cabinets without the cost of a traditional remodeling project, and the installation usually only takes two to three days!

The perfect complimentary piece to your new cabinets is a brand new countertop. Signature WoodCrafters manufactures and installs its own Corian and Laminate countertops and works with certified granite providers who have a combined 50 years of experience providing pieces to the Mid-Atlantic region.

View some of our before and after photos below, and be sure to view our photo gallery for more of our completed ReCrafting projects.


Signature WoodCrafters has the perfect solution for a home that isn’t selling as well as expected. By completely ReCrafting an outdated kitchen with new cabinets, built-ins or countertops, the home will take on entirely new, custom-built look without the headache or cost of a full-scale remodeling project.

Signature WoodCrafters also ReCrafts stairs. Transforming stained, worn-down carpet into a custom-made wood staircase eliminates the embarrassing walk up to the second floor with a client. The ReCrafting process resembles their cabinetry, as they discard the carpet or old wood from the previous staircase, and fit their custom-built wood pieces over top of the existing stairs. This again provides you with a quick fix to a major eyesore in the home you are trying to sell. Once the custom pieces are built, the installation can be done within days so you can get back to work as soon as possible.

Working with Signature WoodCrafters ensures a beautiful, custom-built piece for your kitchen, stairway, countertop, or built-in at a fraction of the price and time it would take to complete an entire remodeling project.

Realtors need superior products in a quick, cost-effective manner, and that is exactly what Signature WoodCrafters provides. Don’t pay more and wait longer. It doesn’t make sense.