Spring Cleaning Tips from Warrenton Propane Suppliers

Our Warrenton Residential Propane Suppliers Have Some Cleaning Tips

After a seemingly endless and especially brutal winter for Northern Virginia residents, it seems that Spring has finally sprung. While we’re all braving our allergies to get out and enjoy the sunshine and warm weather, Spring cleaning is in the back of our minds. While this can mean cleaning up at home, getting the car washed, clearing out the garage, and taking care of the lawn, it’s also important to keep your propane tank and its accessories sparkling- remember that they took a beating this winter. The expert Warrenton Residential Propane Suppliers at Hunt Country Propane have some tips for us!
Prevent a Fire: Spring might involve showers, but it’s always a good idea to keep dry “kindling” away from your propane tank- at least 10 feet away. Do a little brush clearing and make sure that there isn’t anything nearby that could catch alight if the unthinkable happens. These materials could be dried grass, sticks, or wood.
Mark Your Lawn Before Digging: If you have Spring dreams of a gorgeous garden, make sure that you know where your utility lines are. Calling 811 is generally the best way to go. It’s important for everyone in the family to know where they are!
An Inspection Doesn’t Hurt: Gas appliances like grills and pool heaters should be inspected by a safety technician once a year before use. Spring is the best time to get this done: better safe than sorry!
Remember that Hunt Country Propane and other reputable Warrenton Residential Propane Suppliers always have their customers’ safety in mind. Call your supplier and make sure to ask for a safety brochure to verify that you’ve done everything you need to for the coming year!