Summer Maintenance: Storms & Flooding

With heat and humidity at an all time high, the summer months are primed for thunderstorms. Heavy rain can flood your home and leave you with a mess. It’s important to have the proper drainage systems and waterproofing to ensure excess water does not find its way into your basement, garage, or living room.

Having the proper drainage systems for your home saves you from having to deal with the costly problems like foundation erosion and flooded basements. French drains help to control wet yard conditions by rerouting excess water and storm runoff. They are installed underground, so there’s no need to worry about black tubing lining your yard or garden. Another option is a downspout extension, which is connected to the bottom of a downspout and buried, in order to move roof water beyond the foundation of your home, and away from the house. This is an excellent and cosmetically appealing option. Having the appropriate drain system installed at your home can make all the difference.

In addition to having the proper drainage capabilities, waterproofing your home is equally important with heavy rain on the way. A common problem in homes older than 10 years (and some newer) is that their exterior waterproofing systems are either dated, or deteriorating to the point that they offer little to no protection at all. Waiting to find out whether or not your home has functional waterproofing can be the difference between peace of mind and a nasty, costly, surprise. Waterproofing keeps water out of your basement and saves you the headache of cleaning up a storm that has made its way into your house. Flooded basements also bring along the problems of mold, mildew, and additional structural damage.

Keep your home and valuables safe by planning ahead for summer storms and flooding. Ensure that your drains are working properly and your exterior waterproofing is up to par. Be sure to enjoy the summer weather, and make sure that the only water that you’re swimming in is outside your house! Trusted Northern Virginia Waterproofing experts NV Waterproofing are a great option when considering contractors to take care of this kind of work. Serving Northern Virginia for 28 years, they’ve earned top awards from Angie’s List, the BBB, and Best Pick Reports.