Summertime Brake Safety

With the summer months finally here, many of us will be doing a lot of vacation driving whether you’re headed to amusement parks, the airport, or the beach. Summer also brings storms, and the roads quickly become slick, and dangerous to cars without properly functioning brakes. For busy professionals, an appointment with a traditional mechanic can be a hassle – why can’t they come to you? For all things brakes, The Brake Squad has introduced a revolutionary service to quickly and effectively resolve any issue with brake pads, shoes, drums, or rotors. Leave the car in the parking lot at work, in your driveway, or wherever it broke down, and The Brake Squad will fix it then and there with same-day and next-day appointments.

We can usually tell when the brakes need attention; the scratching, whining, irregular feel that dominates the drive and is a worry until checked by a professional (in case you can’t tell for yourself, TBS will send a free pamphlet on how to know!). The Brake Squad is your auto shop on wheels, coming to wherever your vehicle is – no need to sit in a mechanic’s garage, haggle about part prices, or worry if the parts replaced are new and up to the standards of the manufacturer. Not only is this convenient, but saves money by providing a free inspection of needed service, and a guarantee to only install the products that will make your car safe to drive. With safety as our primary concern, The Brake Squad provides service to the largest of fleet vehicles to the smallest sedans, from every make and model, so your vehicle is being handled by experienced hands. In Prince William and the rest of Northern Virginia, trust The Brake Squad to repair your brakes in a convenient fashion, saving you time and money.