The Value of Waterproofing

Contrary to what some insurance companies will tell you, basement flooding in Northern Virginia can be a real problem for all homeowners, even for those who don’t live near a river or floodplain. In fact, the Nation Flood Insurance Program ranks floods as the top disaster in America, averaging over $3 billion in claims per year. A small flood that accumulates a couple inches of water typically costs $10,000 to repair, whereas a larger flood costs anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000. Most of us who have come home to our basements underwater are usually unfamiliar with the exact cause and are left asking how this happened.

A basement can flood at any time of the year, so taking the right precautions could mean the difference between spending couple hundred dollars on waterproofing and a couple thousand dollars on repairs. Some of the most common reasons for basement flooding are rain, improper grade direction, sewer backups and sump pump failures. Basements are naturally the lowest point of the house, so under the right conditions water will find its way in through cracks in the foundation. Adding a drainage system and tar sealant to both the interior and exterior of the foundation walls will prevent the likelihood of rain water seeping in. However, this may not be enough if there is a torrential downpour and the grade of your yard is sloped in the wrong direction. Checking the grade of your yard is as easy as going outside the next time it rains and checking which direction the water flows. If water is flowing towards your house, then this is a major issue and you’ll need to call in a Northern Virginia waterproofing expert. Correctly re-grading and waterproofing your house is as valuable as investing in a 401K, and finding a company you trust with your house is important.

Northern Virginia Waterproofing has been an industry leader in Northern Virginia foundation waterproofing since 1986. Their reputation for high-quality work as well as an honest, professional experience is backed by Angie’s List, the Better Business Bureau and Best Pick Reports. NV Waterproofing’s services are quick and convenient, especially for professionals with little free time on their hands. More importantly, by using NV Waterproofing you’re ensuring that your personal items stay dry and your house is safe. Don’t wait and deal with the hassle of insurance companies, schedule an appointment today for a free estimate.