The “Work Triangle” of Your Kitchen

Home values have increased again this month signifying an upswing in the housing market. As I stated in previous blog entries, kitchen remodeling projects create a highly-valuable return on investment for homeowners. These projects steadily increase in popularity as homeowners continue to sell by creating a memorable atmosphere at the heart of the home.

Layouts for Kitchen Remodeling Projects

Kitchen cabinet installation is one of the most important pieces to your remodel. Kitchen cabinets need to be durable, have ample storage space, and most importantly, they have to look good.

The Correct Location for Your Kitchen Cabinet Installation

In order to find the proper location for your kitchen cabinet installation, you need to understand how you want your kitchen to function. Depending on the size of your kitchen remodeling project, you may be looking for a complete overhaul – changing the location of your stove, cabinets, sink, etc.

A tried and true layout for a kitchen remodel is known as the Work Triangle. According to, the triangle should have the stove, sink and refrigerator at its points. They should have plenty of space between each item without any intersecting inhibitors such as a kitchen island or counter. This is used to maximize efficiency in the kitchen and to create a space that promotes a seamless operation and room for guests and loved ones to gather.

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