What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?

Currently, our society is more health-focused than it ever has been before. Organic grocery stores are popping up throughout Northern Virginia and Maryland and all-natural components are making their way into our household items as well.

As Virginians and Marylanders become more focused on all things organic, they are beginning to return to the very source of their sustainable agriculture: the farmers.

While large health food chains provide a variety of organic produce, locals are turning to farmers for even fresher foods and are able to support their local economy in the process.

Enter Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

A CSA is a way to for consumers to buy produce directly through a local farm. The farm offers the public a certain amount of “shares”, and when an individual buys a share, they receive a box of fresh produce every week throughout the farming season.

What are the Benefits of Community Supported Agriculture?

  • Farmers are able to market their fresh foods prior to the busy farming season to people interested in purchasing shares
  • When consumers purchase shares, it gives farmers extra cash flow to support their operation before the season is underway
  • It promotes community support and involvement. Many farms in Northern Virginia and Maryland have events, festivals, and facilities open throughout the year that locals may not know about. This is a great way to promote.
  • Consumers are able to eat incredibly fresh produce each week and support their local economy financially

But there is one small problem: not everyone in Northern Virginia or Maryland lives near a farm. That’s why some companies like Organic Express are taking it upon themselves to offer organic produce delivery in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

They offer over 80 organic fruits and vegetables to choose from and partner with organic farms in Maryland to ensure the produce is delivered at the highest quality possible.

One thing that really separates Organic Express from the pack is that they offer free delivery, require no membership, and no weekly commitment. For the picky eater, this is the perfect opportunity to try new food. For families and individuals that travel often, you can rest assured that your produce isn’t going to waste and that you aren’t paying for wasted produce. Or, if you are looking for a way to eat healthy and support your local economy, this is the perfect way to do it.

Organic Express’ organic food delivery system is a great way to support local farms in Anne Arundel County and a great step towards healthy eating habits.

Contact Organic Express or your local Community Supported Agriculture farms today.